ST5 Evo

Product Descriptions
Automatic Isokinetic Sampler
The ST5 Evo is evolved version of the ST5 isokinetic sampler, developed to be even more efficient, easy to use, practical, cost/time-saving.
The perfect companion for stack testers.
– The instrument is composed by two units, the Control Unit and the Pump Unit. The Evo version is designed to allow the user to take up on the sampling point only the the light Control Unit (6 kgs) while the heavy Pump Unit can be left down on the ground.
– All the electronic boards and measuring sensors are placed inside a robust steel box, making it a practical device to be taken on the stack and reducing the risk of damages.
– Differently from other manufacturer’s solutions, the Pump Unit includes only the pump.
The reason of this choice is to save costs of long, expensive connection cables. To connect the CU to the PU, only a suction tube and a power cable are needed.
– The expensive umbilical cable, taking all the signals and temperature control from the probe to the CU can be now very short because the connection with the SU can be done with inexpensive tubes and power cable.
– Moreover, in case of pump failure, the CU can work with a spare Dado PU unit or with any pump capable to supply the needed flowrate, allowing to complete the job without the need to send the instrument to maintenance.
– This solution allow to save money and time thanks to faster startup, stack libraries, possibility to sample unattended for longer periods (e.g. for pcdd/pcdf or heavy metals). All those characteristics reduce the risk of compromising the operation or losing data.
– Superior protection against liquids, the ST5 Evo has a built-in water sensor that “feels” the presence of liquids passing through the inlet, in this case, it goes automatically in stand-by preventing any internal damage.
– Precise isokinetic condition measure thanks to mass flow meter real time flowrate measure, which allows the faster correction resulting in a flow velocity entering the nozzle asymptotic to the stack gas velocity.
– The ST5 integrates four pressure sensors to measure differential pressure, in stack an the mass flow, static and barometric pressure, to determine, with high accuracy, velocities, densities and stack conditions.
– Having dp, barometric and static pressure measured, along with temperatures, allow to certify even the velocity determination.
– Higher quality of the data due to automated parameters control which also grants high accuracy and compliance to the most diffused standard, especially when sampling micropollutants in low concentrations.
– Bigger LCD color display with cycling screens reporting each the essential data to keep the sampling operation under control.
– The ST5 Evo can work with all Pitot tubes and thermocouples, it’s possible to enter the information related to Pitot tubes in the internal library.
– Powerful pumps, the ST5 Evo Pump Unit is available with a 4.5m3/h, standard or corrosion proof version, or with a 8.5m3/h pump.
– All those features make the ST5 Evo the best tool for stack sampling, allowing at the same time a high degree of traceability to make your life easier with quality procedures.
– With the ST5 Evo, additional thermocouples input, thermoregulators for heated devices, water presence sensor, water collection tank and carrying case are not an option, they are included in the price.


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ST5 Evo

ST5 isokinetic sampler, developed to be even more efficient, easy to use, practical, cost/time-saving.