STACK 181 Particulate Measurement System

Product Descriptions
The PCME STACK 181 is suitable for measuring particle emissions after both bag filter and electrostatic precipitator arrestment plant.

Utilising the patented ProScatterTM Forward Scatter measurement technique for measuring particulate concentration levels, typically between 0.06 mg/m3 to 300 mg/m3, this measurement technique offers improved levels of performance which make the PCME STACK 181 very suitable for use as a PM CPMS or PM CEMS that need to comply with US EPA PS-11 for Site Operators looking to satisfy the recent MACT and MATS rules.

Due to the inherent rugged design, the PCME STACK 181 Particulate Monitoring System is suitable for use in a wide range of applications within the Power, Incineration, Cement, Chemical, Metal, Mineral and Petrochemical industries:
– Reliable and rugged design, proven for long term operation at elevated temperatures and with minimised instrument maintenance
– Forward Scatter measurement technique with automatic zero and upscale checks that fully challenge the system’s ability to measure forward scattered light and satisfy daily drift checks

The PCME STACK 181 is suitable for:

– After bagfilter, cyclone and electrostatic precipitator arrestment plant
– Non-condensing / dry flue gases*
– Both constant and variable flue gas velocities
– Corrosive flue gases (corrosion protection option)
– Variable particulate size
– Explosive atmosphere zones 2 and 21
* For wet / condensing flue gas applications see PCME STACK 181 WS

Typical Applications
– The PCME STACK 181 is used to monitor emissions from the following types of processes:
– Municipal Waste and chemical Incinerators
– Cement KilnsCoal fired power stations
– Gas/Oil fired power stations
– Refinery boilersBiomass power plant
– Chemical, Mineral and Metal plant with highly abated emissions (eg after bagfilter)


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