Ventis®Pro Series : Gas Detector

Product Description
Stop carrying multiple instruments to meet your gas detection needs. The Ventis® Pro Series has you covered whether you need unique four-gas or expanded five-gas sensor options, all in the most configurable multi-gas monitors on the market.
– LENS™ Wireless allows personal monitors to communicate with area monitors
– See gas readings and alarms from connected peers in LENS Wireless groups
– Flexible sensor configurations detect up to five gases
– Custom start-up messages, alarm action messages, and acknowledgeable gas alerts
– Man-down alarm and dedicated panic button
– User and site tracking with iAssign™ Technology
– Rugged IP68 water and dust rating and Guaranteed for Life™ warranty
– Available with or without a pump
– Dock overdue and maintenance reminders
– iNet ® and DSX™ Docking Station ready
– Compatible with Ventis MX4 accessories including Ventis Slide-on pump


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In your line of work, a day on the job can turn from habit to hazard in a single moment. Be ready for gas hazards and more with the Ventis Pro Series.
– Detect up to five gases: Rely on flexible sensor options to detect combustible and toxic gases in a broad range of settings, making the Ventis Pro Series ideal for both personal protection and confined space applications.
– Simplify gas detection for your users: Create custom start-up messages to communicate safety information to your team, see gas readings and alarms from connected peers using LENS Wireless , acknowledge low gas levels, and receive written instructions when an instrument goes into alarm.
– React in emergency situations: Know when a worker is in distress or has lost consciousness thanks to a dedicated panic button and man-down alarm. Panic and man-down alarms will be relayed to other Ventis Pros in your group using LENS Wireless .
– Track instruments and alarms: Address recurring alarms and improve asset management by assigning users and sites to each gas monitor in real time using iAssign™ Technology .
– Depend on a rugged design:  Keep your instruments in the field, not the shop, thanks to an IP68 rating for dust and water ingress and a rugged overmold that is Guaranteed for Life™ .– Upgrade with ease: Don’t buy all new accessories. Most of your Ventis™ MX4 accessories are compatible with the Ventis Pro Series.


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