Gas Detector Ventis pro5

Ventis Pro 5
BE READY FOR THE MOMENT In your line of work, a day on the job can turn from habit to hazard in a single moment. Be ready for anything with the Ventis™ Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors.
List of Benefits
– Monitor up to five gases with flexible sensor configuration options
– Press the dedicated panic button to notify others when an emergency arises
– Set the man-down alarm to activate after a defined period of time without motion
– Industry’s highest rating of IP68 for protection against damage from dust and water
– Withstands submersion in 1.5 meters of water for one hour
– Replaceable dust filter cover allows you to change dirty filters without having to take apart the instrument
– Easily monitor unit locations and compliance with the iAssignTM feature
– Extended battery life option
– Easy to read display

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