CarboVis® 700 IQ (TS)

Optimal for the measurement of TOC and DOC in the inlet/effluent of municipal wastewater treatment plants.

UV701/705 sensors for SAC and UVT

Low-cost probe (integrated ultrasonic cleaning, turbidity compensation) for the maintenance-free and reagent-free SAC measurement

FDO700 IQ : sensors for dissolved oxygen

Digital, optical, calibration free - dissolved oxygen senors for the IQ SENSOR NET Calibration-free, reliable, DIN compliant

DIQ/S 181 : Digital single parameter

measuring for O2, pH/ORP, conductivity or turbidity. Stable, robust and proven measuring technology

VisoTurb® 700 IQ Turbidity Sensors

for turbidity and suspended solids measurement. low maintenance and long-term reliability of the sensors.

MULTILINE 1000 : Analog multi parameter controller

measure pH, ORP, oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, free or total chlorine , Flexible measuring system

DIQ/S 282/284 – Controller for the IQ SENSOR

All parameters available (O2, NH4, NO3, COD, PO4, sludge level, …) , USB-interface and internal data logger by default

STACKFLOW 400 Flue Gas Velocity

high quality and reliable continuous Flow Rate monitoring for industrial stacks for process control, regulatory flow rate and mass emission reporting