Self-Driving Car Research Studio

highly expandable and powerful platform designed specifically for academic research. for research and scale your vehicle fleet


The Hexapod is a compact six degrees of freedom parallel robotic motion platform capable of moving up to 100 kg at high acceleration.

Shake Table III XY

dual-axis, high-powered planar earthquake simulator ideal for more advanced dynamics analysis and research relating to earthquake loss reduction.

Analog Electronics Labs (AELabs)

Digitally controlled platform with 6 plug-and-play boards for design-oriented teaching of analog electronics

3 DOF Gyroscope

The principles demonstrated by the Quanser 3 DOF Gyroscope are relevant in technologies used to control orientation in sea, air and space vehicles.

Active Suspension

The Active Suspension consists of three masses that along stainless steel shafts using linear bearings and is supported by a set of springs.

Coupled Tanks

The Coupled Tanks system is a process control experiment ideal for teaching and research of control topics related to liquid level control.

QNET Mechatronic Interfacing Board

The QNET Mechatronic Interfacing board is an ideal tool to expose students to basic principles and applications of embedded systems.