INFRALYT smart : Exhaust Gas Analyser

Small, compact and robust gas analyzer for measuring gasoline vehicles, easy connectable to PC / Laptop

Opacilyt 1030 : Smoke Meter

Compact workshop instrument for performing the AU on diesel vehicles with speed sensing for conventional vehicles. Future proof for Euro 6 vehicles

Infralyt N : Exhaust Gas Analyser

Exhaust gas measurement for diesel and petrol engines, Seperate NO and NO2 measurement, Measurement of RPM and Oiltemp

TURB 2000 : Turbidity meter

Measuring range 0-1000 NTU. Can be used for nearly all applications thanks to its large measuring range.

testo 350 – Flue gas analyzer

perating temperature : -5 … +45 °C, Storage temperature : -20 … +50 °C

testo 340 – Flue gas analyzer

Can measure CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2 or SO2 , Material/Housing: TPE PC

SMG200M Portable dust measuring device

measure particle mass concentrations up to 250 mg/m³ with a particle size of 0.04 μm to 10 μm.

HAZ-SCANNER EPAS Air Monitoring Station

Configure with up to 14 interchangeable sensors and EPAS-specific meters. Can equip to monitor two PM sizes simultaneously