Dryers and humidifiers

Perma Pure offers a wide range of Gas Sample Drying products that are tailor made for your application.


CH4 - improved accuracy 90-100%, O2 - improved accuracy below 1% to 2 d.p


Very low installation costs, highly cost-effective, Measures fluids with gas or solid content of up to 10%


Very low installation costs and zero pipe interference, Works on difficult pipes

Industrial Turbo Series

Helps reduce day-to-day maintenance costs while delivering accurate and efficient performance

Industrial Disc Series Meters

Wide flow range, Rugged bronze or thermoplastic housing, Easily maintained without removing from line

Industrial Oval Gear (IOG)

Compact size, High accuracy and repeatability, Factory calibrated (stated in pulses per liter), Low pressure drop

Vortex meter type RWG / RWBG

Low pressure gas wafer meter, Optional integrated RTD, Hazardous location options

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