Probe Sensors ASD12-N

use in pilot and production scale fermenters or bioreactors to precisely measure

Turbidity Sensors TF16-N

Separator control, pulp concentration (AF16-N), Filter control, oil in water (TF16-N)

Color Sensors AF26

Monitoring of various color scales 0 - 10 to 0 - 500 APHA Hazen, 30 to -16 Saybolt, 0 - 1 to 0 - 8 ASTM etc.

VPFlowTerminal + probe combination kit

The VPFlowTerminal is a plug & play wall mount display with built-in power supply and two million point data logger.

OXY : Flex Oxygen Analyser

High accuracy linear output, Configurable outputs 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc or RS232 comms interface

Infrared camera Optris CTlaser G7

offers a broad temperature range from 100°C up to 1200°C and can be employed in temperatures of up to 85°C without additional cooling.

Infrared camera Optris Xi 400

compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera. The 80 Hz frame rate allows for the monitoring of fast thermal processes, even including a line-scan func

Infrared camera Optris PI 08M

Infrared camera for laser applications up to 1900°C, High dynamic CMOS detector with up to 764 x 480 pixels resolution