HAVex Vibration Meter

Simple operation, Robust accelerometer & cable, Colour display, Stores over 900 measurements

testo 540 Lux Meter

testo 540 – Lux Meter

Measuring range : 0 to 99999 Lux , Resolution : 1 Lux (0 to 19999 Lux) / 10 Lux (Remaining Range), IP40

ELR610M : Heat Shield

Includes globe temperature, wet bulb temperature the, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity.

dBadge2 : Noise Dosimeter

Measures all noise dose parameters simultaneously. Full colour display.

CEL 63x Series : Digital Sound Level Meter

Meas. Range 20-140dB RMS (143.3dB peak). High resolution colour TFT display. Measurements according to ISO1996, BS4142

62x Series : Digital Sound Level Meter

Meas. Range 20 to 140dB RMS (single range), 143.0 dB Peak. Using a high resolution colour TFT display

24X SERIES : Digital Sound Level Meter

Meas. Range 30-100 or 60-130dB Fully compliant with IEC 61672

Gasurveyor 700 : Infrared Gas Detector

LEL & Volume Gas (infrared), Optional sensors including: PPM, O2, CO, H2S

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