RBI 100 Atlantic

Design: 3-cylinder, 3-stage, air-cooled, oil-lubricated compressor, Output: 100 l/min (6 m 3/h) at 300 bar


offers cleanability, comfort, and connectivity, while providing compatibility with the upcoming NFPA 2018 standards.

TFX-500w Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter

Flow rate and total for clean water, Non-invasive clamp-on meter, Economical ultrasonic meter

LED lighting systems RLS1000, RLS2000

Rechargeable, Compact, Multi-functional, Powerful

Safety cushion SP 60

The only lifesaver for jump heights up to 60 metres (192 ft.).


Maximum extinguishing effect, Minimum water consumption, Sophisticated technology

Portable Fire Pump : Model Otter

EfficiencyOperational safety,Economical in operation,Comfortable operation and handling

Portable Fire Pump : Model Beaver

Low weight, Canister tank, Fully functional priming pump

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