PI 500 – Portable Flow Meter

The portable flow meter PI 500 is an all-purpose hand-held measuring instrument for many compressed air and gas applications in industry

testo 400 – Universal IAQ instrument

High-precision, location-independent, built-in differential pressure sensor- Integrated absolute pressure sensor

testo 330-LL flue gas analyzer

up to 6 years. At least one O2 and CO sensor replacement can be saved in the course of the typical working life.

testo 300 Flue gas analyzer

Fast and easy to operate: intuitive measurement menus and fast-response Smart-Touch display

testo 872 – thermal imager

Infrared resolution 320 x 240 pixels , Thermal sensitivity 60 mK

testo 871 – Thermal Imager

Thermal sensitivity 90 mK, Integrated digital camera

testo 870 – Thermal Imager

Infrared resolution 160 x 120 pixels, Large 3.5″ display

testo 890 – Thermal Imager

Detector size 640 x 480 pixels,SuperResolution 1280 x 960 pixels

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