STACK 181 WS Particulate Measurement System

Product Descriptions
The PCME STACK 181 WS is suitable for measuring particulate emissions from wet scrubbers and other processes where the flue gas falls below dew point (cold stack conditions) or water droplets are present. The extractive instrument takes a representative continuous sample from the stack, heats this well above dew point to evaporate water droplets and then measures the particulate concentration under dry conditions. This extractive approach with heating overcomes the problems of interference from condensation and water droplets associated with using in-situ particulate monitors after wet collectors.

The PCME STACK 181 WS uses an advanced ProScatter Forward Scatter sensor (PCME QAL 181) which is certified by TUV and MCERTS as QAL1 compliant. With certification ranges covering both 0-15mg/m3 and 0-100mg/m3, the sensor is suitable for monitoring the highly abated emissions found after Flue Gas Desulphurisation plant (FGD). The instrument is able to monitor saturated flue gas which is critical for the application of monitoring emissions from a coal fired power plant fitted with a wet FGD system and meets the requirements of PS-11 and EN 14181.

Resolution and Sensitivity

The PCME QAL 181 sensor within the PCME STACK 181 WS uses a low-angle forward light scattering measurement principle unique to PCME (see ProScatter™ Forward Scatter). The measured ‘cone’ of scattered light is larger than in typical light scatter instruments, which provides:
– Excellent sensing resolution and sensitivity, due to an increased signal-to-noise ratio.
– Reduced cross-sensitivity to changing particle size, allowing a greater range of applications for which the instrument is suitable


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