STACKFLOW 200 Flue Gas Velocity

Product Descriptions
Specific Features:
– Continuous high-quality measurement of flue gas velocity, temperature and pressure
– Volumetric flow rate, pollutant mass release and normalisation to standard reference conditions
– Modular system flexibility with upgrade solutions for challenging application conditions
– Manual reference self-checks for quality assurance and regulatory compliance (QAL3)

The PCME STACKFLOW 200 is an advanced flue gas velocity measurement system for continuously monitoring releases from industrial sources. Compliant with European monitoring standards EN 16911-2 and EN 15267-3 for QAL1 and is US EPA PS-6 capable. Unique, robust sensor and monitoring system design enables:
• Representative flue gas velocity, pressure and temperature measurement across a broad range of monitoring applications.
• Real-time normalisation of pollutant measurements to reference conditions (STP/NTP), with high quality data for emission release and mass emission reporting (kg/year).

System Configuration
System configuration options provide sensor integration flexibility.
• The PCME STACKFLOW 200 is available as a standalone sensor or as part of a monitoring system when connected to one of ENVEA’s advanced control units.
• Multiple sensor lengths enable representative mon

Typical Applications
Stack velocity, volumetric flow and pollutant mass release calculations achievable when linked to gas and dust CEMS in the following applications:
– Waste to Energy and Incineration Plant
– Emissions from Steel, Chemical and Mineral processing applications
– Gas Turbines and Coal-fired power plant
– Industrial stacks (before or after final arrestment plant)
– Variable speed fans on dust arrestment plant


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