Rotary Inverted Pendulum

Product Description
Introduce intermediate control concepts and theories relevant to the challenges engineers face in real life.
The Rotary Inverted Pendulum module attaches to the Rotary Servo Base Unit, expanding the mechatronics and controls topics that can be taught. The pendulum module challenges students to not only model and control a pendulum, but also to learn about hybrid control systems by tuning a swing-up control system. In addition to teaching intermediate control concepts, the Rotary Inverted Pendulum can be used for research in various areas, including fuzzy control.
Students can use this module to learn practical problem-solving skills for mechanical and aerospace engineering. A classic application context for the design challenge is the two-wheeled Segway self-balancing electric vehicle.
– Rotary Inverted Pendulum module easily attaches to the Rotary Servo Base Unit
– High-resolution encoders to sense rod and shaft angles
– Easy-connect cables and connectors
– Fully compatible with MATLAB®/Simulink® and LabVIEW™

Modeling Topics Control Topics
State-space representation Hybrid control
Linearization Pole placement
Energy-based/non-linear control
Rotary arm length : 21.6 cm
Rotary arm mass : 0.257 kg
Pendulum length : 33.7 cm
Pendulum mass : 0.127 kg
Encoder resolution : 4096 count/rev


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